Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up & Down

To understand the brevity of life and to take life seriously: Does the understanding only come when something devastating happens? Why is it ignored in the mundane details of the everyday? How can you teach someone, if they have never learned this reality? Why, oh why, do things happen the way they do?

For some, we need to just chill out and stop taking our tiny role so seriously. Honestly. We need to chill. Other times, there are the ones that have been chilling for far to long and they need to take something serious. Because this world is passing quickly. In an instant everything could be gone. We need to realize that.

We need to realize that we, ourselves, are not at the middle of the world. At the same time we need to realize we are responsible for our actions. Here I go again, it is as if I am trying to balance out the see-saw.

It is pretty amazing though, how each of us, we are not the same. I told the kids today, don't ever compare each other's problems. One thing may be hard for you and be easy-peasy for me. We all have our own pain and our hardship and our own joys and our own successes. Let's stop with the comparing and bear with each other in love. I may get excited about one thing, that does not mean everyone else is going to be excited. I am thankful for that too, because sometimes I don't want everyone to have the same interests as me. For example, when people say to me, "I can't even draw a stick figure," (I hear that at least once a month) I rejoice that we don't have the same strengths. I tell them imagine if we all had this same gift, what would be the point? I also tell them they definitely have a gift that I do not have and I rejoice over it.

I am going to stop asking "why?" I am instead going to continue on with what I know I can do and what God is telling me to do. Often times for me it feels like how am I going to make it? I sometimes marvel at people's lives and wonder, wow they are making it. This life is not easy. I am glad this life is short and that when it comes time for me to go home, it is for eternity.