Friday, March 16, 2012


As I stood at the scanner, and sneezed for the second time. I thought about how my personality could be as if the seven dwarves were coming out of me. Yes, I was sneezy in this moment. I thought about when I drop something or if someone new talks to me, I instantly become bashful, visibly in my cheeks. I can be dopey but only when I am comfortable. I feel like Doc when I put my glasses on. I definitely can be grumpy. But as I ponder the personification of my personalities, I don't want to be classified as a dwarf. Ha. I want to be someone majestic like Snow White; she is usually not my prefered princess, but since watching Once Upon A Time, I enjoy Snow's character.

My prayer for you:
To see days of freedom.
To be humbled, so as to never grow too cold.
To accept love, even when it is from a stranger.
To never belittle yourself.
To accept criticism as a chance to grow.
To be bold in what you believe.
To never put yourself in a box.
To sing because it makes you happy.
To dance with courage and expression.
To laugh at the lies that pop in your head.
To read with curiosity.
To live each day.
To be present each moment.
To thank God for every second.
Jesus loves you for you, not what you could be or what others think of you, he loves you for you. All he wants is your heart. He wants to spend time with you. He does not have an agenda for you or a checklist. His arms are open wide always waiting to receive you with warmth. Wipe away the distant God image you have in your head. He is close, talk to him and don't forget to listen.