Monday, October 25, 2010

Love is the key.

My bed is now perpendicular to the wall rather than parallel. I guess now it really feels like a "bedroom" because the bed is in the center of the room. It feels more like home each day as I settle in, I mean it is only taking two months. 

People love to be with people. It is the sweetest when people are actually loving people. Tonight I saw so many people experiencing the love of God through people loving each other. It is amazing to see people put aside their own issues, pains, ideas and whatever else, and choose to listen to another person. It is so beautiful when a person is allowed to fully express themselves to another person. To love the unlovely. To love the unthinkable. God is love. It wasn't until I met God that I discovered who love is. The funny thing is I am still finding out who love is. God is not anything that can be described with all my words I know. I can't put God in a box or a group or a category. I do know that God has set me free. Free to be me, Free to be the person He has made, Free to live and Free to love. Love is the key that opens hearts. Oh Lord, Will you open my heart more and more to the love you have for me and for people. 

Father Can You Hear Me from The Diary of a Mad Black Woman made me cry with joy today. I love redemption. I love victory through Jesus. Jesus is the Lord. He is mine and I am His. 


  1. Yo Clara- you started a BLOG!!!!!!! I love it. I know that God is stirring things up in you because you are free enough to let others see your written expression of praise. Way to go. I was just talking to Erica about starting a blog myself. We can be blog sisters, even though we are already REAL sisters.

  2. Like this a lot! like you even more! ;)