Thursday, November 11, 2010

Only girl in the World...

Yes I have the Rhianna song echoing in my head. I think her cry is more than her need for a man to make her his everything. It is almost the cry of all hearts wanting to be known and treasured. I love singing that song to God. He totally can make me feel like the only girl in the world.

I just took a quick introvert/extrovert test. Everytime I am "balanced." I am in the middle. I totally expected that though. I remember being in pysch class my senior year and always getting 50-50 and never strongly one thing over the other, including the extrovert/introvert test. It is so funny, because I hate labels or groupings. I think it comes from the make-up of my personality and how I really cannot fit in just one category. I mean come on, only God knows the full extent of who I am. I mean I am still learning.

(six hours later....)

Okay funny story... after writing the first two paragraphs I left for Navigate and I was singing Rhianna's song, see I told you it was stuck in my head. I turn on D's radio and click, click, click and bam the song is playing. I danced and sang my heart out as I chuckled internally. Then I turned off the radio because nothing could top it. I think I will have my dance students warm up to that song tomorrow (side note). I know God created me as an individual and when he made me he totally rejoiced over me. That is what that song makes me think. God is a lover, looking for someone like me to love him. I love him so. 

Two more days until the unfolding of my thesis show. Crazy, time moves very quickly. I better get more organized, but I know it will be great because I will not quit until it is great. God you are good to me. Make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. :)

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  1. Dear Clara,

    You are the only girl in the world.