Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orange and a little bit of green

Oh the freedom to write. How I would like to write about things pertaining to things about things concerning things. However, I do know the Internet is out of control, well out of my control.

There is something about the neon lights,
the rows and rows of packaged items,
odd persons strolling about,
a glowing red box,
gf options of course,
but really its not about this at all,
the people,
the songs that echo throughout the empty aisles,
drop-it-lowing it occasionally,
can this really be the go-to place?
Is this really a favorite hobby?
This is the location that will most likely be my first music video.
okay, maybe my second.
The first music video will be more organic and natural;
trees, rolling hills, skies, and maybe a window.
Back to the fluorescent,
a weeknight phenomenon,
Shaw's. Open til midnight.

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